Daily Schedule

During the early weeks of school our faculty observes the group dynamics within each program.  From these observations, they may choose to make adjustments to the typical schedule that is outlined below.  

Arrival – 9:00am

Children arrive at school and hang up their belongings, change into their indoor shoes, and wash their hands.

Entry into the classroom

As children enter their classroom, they are greeted by faculty and friends.  The classroom teachers will have set-up a variety of provocations based on their observations of the children’s interests, and the children will explore these activities freely during this time.   The goal of each provocation is to inspire thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas.    

Morning Meeting

Children gather as a class group each morning to more formally greet one another, play some movement games, conduct group exploratory discussions, and to more deeply discuss the days provocations.  Our Preschool classes will also read stories and sing songs at morning meeting. 

Indoor Play, Small Group Work, and Snack Time

Following morning meeting, children are free to select from the many available provocations, which are carefully set-up to encourage small group play.  Depending on the interests of the class there may also be an opportunity for further small group work in our school art studio or on a neighborhood walk.  During this time we offer a family style, rolling snack that is provided by the parent helper.  Snack-time is a wonderful opportunity for children to practice self-help skills, and have some amazing conversations with their peers.

Clean-Up and Closing Circle

All children participate in caring for our classrooms through clean-up.  Following clean-up, our Pre-Kindergarten children will have a closing circle to reflect on the day, read stories and sing.

Outside and Dismissal

Following clean-up and, for the older children, closing circle all of the classes will head outside.  Outside time provides a wonderful opportunity for children to flex their muscles and work on gross motor skills.  Children that are not staying for Extended Day will be dismissed to their caregivers at 12pm from outside.  Those children attending Extended Day will head inside for the remainder of their day.

Extended Day (Optional with Sign up)

Upon returning to school from outside time children use the bathroom, wash their hands, and start eating lunch.  At 1pm we begin a 45 minute quiet time where children rest on mats.  Children are not required to nap during this time, but it is intended to be a time where children can have some downtime from the group dynamic.  For those non-nappers we will provide a quiet activity (legos, coloring) that they can play on their mat.  Following quiet time, children will clean-up and suit-up to play outside for the remainder of the afternoon.  Dismissal from Extended Day will be from outside.