In addition to our curriculum we are excited to offer a variety of enrichment opportunities for all of our classes.


We are excited to partner with Habitat, a Mass Audubon education center and wildlife sanctuary in Belmont, to develop an enrichment program for all three of our preschool age programs.  The 4 Day Birch class learns about nature and local organisms in an outdoor setting through 10 to 12 visits to Habitat during the fall and spring of the school year.  The BCNS faculty leads the class through indoor exploration, and Habitat educators, with the assistance of BCNS faculty, lead small groups through outdoor activities, exploration and play.  

Habitat educators visit the 3 Day classrooms on a monthly basis and present opportunities for the children to learn about local nature and seasonal change through exploration, active observation and activities.


Knucklebones’ Explorations will lead a group activity to encourage participants to work together and provide social interaction.  Explorations will enhance gross motor and fine motor skills, hand/foot/eye coordination, balancing & walking, physical activity, and provide a whole lot of fun!

Story-Brook Drama with Amanda Weihe-Lopes

Under the guidance of Amanda the children will bring stories to life in the classroom.  Rich literature will be carefully selected and broken down into segments where the children can use their imaginations to become fully engrossed in the magic of the story. 

Yoga – Jaclyn Schelzi

Yoga for kids is a great opportunity for children to strengthen their bodies, increase body awareness and confidence, and to learn skills to help calm their bodies and minds in their busy lives.  Children will learn some basic yoga poses and principles, breathing techniques and learn to be more mindful.  Jaclyn will visit BCNS once a month.